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Now You See Me.


Judging purely by the title of this post, you’re probably expecting a magic trick. And you’re not entirely wrong either.

Recently, I watched a movie called Now You See Me, hence the title of this post. Starring in said movie are some fantastic actors such as Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson – or the guy who played Haymitch in the Hunger Games, if that helps – and (my personal favorite) Dave Franco. There’s a ton of other people in it too, obviously, but those were the only names I remembered.  I honestly really enjoyed this movie, and I think pretty much everyone else would too.

The movie starts off with four different magic tricks, all done by the four different main characters, done almost as an introduction to each one and what their specialties are. The first trick is played by the main character in the movie, Daniel. Daniel does a classic card trick, helped with a bribe to the electrician guy.  The next one is performed by Woody Harrelson AKA Merritt, and that’s basically when you learn that he can and will hypnotize you, then make you pay actual money for mentioned hypnotizing. The third trick is done by Henley Reeves. Summing up her magic trick, she appears to get eaten alive by flesh-eating piranhas . . . but she doesn’t (I won’t say much more, but as it happens, the girl can teleport). The fourth and final trick is performed by Jack (Dave Franco), whose trick seems pretty pathetic at first – like, even more pathetic than Daniel’s. Put simply, he bends a spoon with his “mind”. Then, as expected, some rich guy from the cruise he was on calls him out on it and proves how easy it was to bend the spoon, as the spoon wasn’t actually a real spoon.  Jack lets him keep that spoon, and then you’re thinking – well, that was pretty disappointing.  And it was.

. . . Though, only disappointing until you realize Jack stole the man’s wallet and his (incredibly expensive) watch. Not as pathetic as you first thought, eh?  Nope, of course not.  (Jack’s the best character.  Just saying.)

The plot to Now You See Me is quite simple, yet also incredibly confusing.  Summed up in a few words, you have the four magicians – Daniel, Henley, Merritt and Jack – who call themselves The Four Horsemen, committing crimes, all through magic, and usually not for their own benefit either.  The “committing crimes” part spikes the interest of Interpol and a large group of police officers, and not to mention Thaddeus Bradley, who’s played (in my opinion, quite excellently) by Morgan Freeman.  What’s going to happen?  Who knows!

The movie is full of plot twists, and will make you question probably your entire life existence as well as the actual plot of the movie itself.  So go find yourself a copy of Now You See Me, and question just about every aspect of your life so far.  Oh, and the plot, of course.  But mainly the movie.  Anyway, long story short, Now You See Me is a brilliant movie and there isn’t really much more to say!

A Really Long List of Really Good Books.


All I ever write about on here is books, books, and more books. Today I aim to continue this pattern by naming a ton of really – really – good books, and a short description of why I like them.

Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. This book is fantastic, and the first in a four-book series. Basically, if I had to describe it in a few words – medieval dragons mixed with violence and a dash of betrayal. Yay!

The Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare. I did a painfully long review of this book earlier on my blog, so if you feel so inclined to read more about this, you can. In short, demon hunters and characters you will either hate or love, because there is no inbetween.

The Bane Chronicles, by Cassandra Clare. If you manage to read the entire book without cracking up once, I am already incredibly concerned about your sense of humour. Plus, it’s always fun to read more about everyone’s favorite warlock . . . right? Or maybe I just really like Cassandra Clare. Uh, yeah, it’s probably the last one. (Note – if you do plan on reading this book I suggest resd the TMI series first, so you know who Magnus – the main character – is.)

The Gone series, by Michael Grant. I go on and on and on about this series because it’s so overlooked. Fantastically represented characters? Check. Humor? Check. The everpresent sense of impending doom? Triple check. There is nothing more you can ask for with the series and I demand that more people read it.

Wonderstruck, by Brian Selznick. I could reccomend this book to pretty much anyone, because I know that pretty much everyone that reads it will love it. I think most people are put off by the sheer size of the book, but it’s not really that long considering half the story is told with pictures. So there is no need to worry, if you choose to read this book, it will still leave you time to read all of the other books I reccomend to you.

Okay For Now, by Gary D. Schmidt. This book is fantastic and everyone should go read it. Right now. Exit this page and find the nearest copy because it’s that good. Just trust me on this one, okay? Okay . . . for now.

Rump, by Liesel Shurtliff. I bet you’re already judging this book purely by it’s name, and it’s just as hilarious as it sounds. Although, not only is it incredibly funny, but it’s also engaging, and I couldn’t put it down. There was some excellent plot twists in it, and it’s probably the best take on a classic fairy tale I’ve heard in ages. (It’s a different take on Rumpelstiltskin, if you hadn’t guessed.)

The Mr Terupt series, by Rob Buyea. The entire series of this is amazing, and I could recommend it to absolutely anyone, just like Okay For Now or Wonderstruck. I really enjoyed these books, and I’ve read the entire series a couple of times now.

The Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan. By now, probably tons of you would’ve actually already read this book, mainly because it’s a great book. So, if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do because unless you have recently read any of the other books in this list (of course you would’ve, because I’ve already told you to go read Okay For Now), it will very easily be the best book you’ve read in ages.

That’s basically all the books (or book series) that I can think of. I doubt there’ll be a part two to this, considering how close it is to the end of the year. Anyway, thanks for reading!

The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones.


When my friend forced me (yes, forced – I quote, “You will read this, and even if you hate it, you’re still going to read it“)  to read this book in the holidays, I didn’t picture myself writing a review of it on my blog, but here I am.  It took me a while, but now that I’ve finished it, I have a need for the next book, the series is that good.  And that series is – cue drum roll, please – The Mortal Instruments.

When Clary Fray enters a night club in New York city, the least thing she expects to see is someone get killed, especially when the killers are three tattoo-covered teenagers – not your average murderers.  Then, when the body disappears completely, Clary thinks that she should probably call the police, but unfortunately, you can’t call the police on three people who are invisible to everyone else and there is nothing – no blood, no nothing – at the scene of the crime.  Her best friend Simon thinks she’s going insane.

That was Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters – the warriors whose only goal is to rid demons from the world.  It is also her first meeting with Jace, who she thinks is an angel but acts a lot like a jerk. Then, once she confronts him, Jace tells her something she didn’t expect to hear – that she, too, is a Shadowhunter, and so was her mother. Speaking of which, when she receives a call from her to not go home that night, to stay at Simon’s, to do anything but return home (with the recognisable sound of violence in the background) Clary has to return home. That’s where she finds the demon.

As the story progresses, Clary finds out a lot of strange things, making her suspicious of who her mother was, who her – supposedly dead – father was, and has her wondering why every two years her mother would have her memories cleared by Magnus Bane, the high warlock of Brooklyn and my favorite character. Of any book. Ever. Magnus is great.

Clary and Simon – her “mundane” friend – keep getting themselves more and more involved with the Shadowhunters, and soon they’re assisting them in their hunt for the Mortal Cup – one of the Mortal Instruments. And trust me, if this book doesn’t make you want to read the rest of the series to see what happens to Clary, see where Isabelle’s and Simon’s strange relationship ends up, and see more of Magnus – what will?

I’d reccomend this to pretty much anyone in year seven/eight, or just anyone who enjoys supernatural-themed books. In a way it’s kind of similar to the Harry Potter books, but I think they’re better although that’s probably a matter of opinion. The author – Cassandra Clare – is brilliant, and definitely one of my new favorite authors. (The movie is also pretty good, but some of the characters look wrong, namely Alec and Clary, but you soon get over that. Unfortunately, the next movie is being started in 2015 which is far too long for me to wait.)

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A while ago I wrote a post on here about a book call Gone, written by Michael Grant.  Hunger is the sequel to Gone (although not the last in the series –  there’s six in the entire series, in fact) and again I’d definitely recommend it.  Before I read the sequel, I wondered exactly how the series could carry on – everyone over the age of fifteen disappears, a couple animals have strange mutations, that’s it . . . right?  Oh, how wrong I was.

In the town of Perdido Beach, food is running out, and fast.  “Oh, why didn’t they plant their own food?”  First of all, they’re a group of confused, scared children.  “Well, force them to do it!”  Aah, I feel I may have neglected the fact that in the fields where all of the melons and cabbages etc are . . . there’s a ton of mutated snakes.  Not tiny little green tree snakes either (unfortunately for them).  Snakes that bore up through your feet, eat you that way and – oh look! – you’re dead  (my apologies for the graphic image there).  Food has been reduced to cans of pickled vegetables (how delicious) and even then they’re only allowed one or two cans of it per day. (One guy cooked and ate his friend’s cat.  Just saying.) They’re in a very bleak situation, and lack of food is causing them to become completely irrational . . . yes, even more irrational than before, because even then they weren’t the epitome of perfect mental health.  

But the hunger is causing them to suspect things of their fellow Perdido Beach members too.  One half of Perdido Beach has supernatural powers – the freaks – and one half doesn’t – the normals.  The normals are getting annoyed at the freaks, as the freaks always seem to get special treatment whereas they don’t (the normals claim that their food rations are a lot smaller than the freaks, only because the freaks are useful, whereas the normals are not).  The normals want not only food, but now they want revenge.

And to add to all of that, there’s a group of (slightly delirious) teenagers up at another school in Perdido Beach – Coates Academy.  Ever since the beginning, the Coates kids have had it in for the Perdido Beach kids, and it’s only getting worse.  Slowly – ever since the beginning of the FAYZ – the rivalry between them has gotten worse and worse.  And while Coates vs Perdido Beach is happening, so is freaks vs normals.

Hunger is a science fiction/dystopian book which I’d suggest to any one who read and enjoyed the Divergent series, or just any one who likes science fiction or dystopian books.  The book previous to Hunger is Gone (which I also did a post about) and the book after that is Lies.  I’m pretty sure Gone and Hunger are in the public library (and so is Plague, although that’s the book that comes after Lies).

The Best Book I Ever Read!


The best book I ever read?  That’s a pretty tough question, considering the fact that I have read a lot of books.  Though this is a very hard decision, I would probably have to say – The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan.


Why do I like this book?  Well, it’s easy, really.  All you’ve ever wanted is included – a hilarious author, gripping plot twists, and demon cheerleaders!  Oh yeah, and if you’re into the whole Greek/Roman mythology business then I’d highly recommend it.  Although, if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, I’d suggest reading those first.  Otherwise you’ll probably be so confused and it wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it would’ve been.

The plot is quite complicated and rather hard to explain as it carries on from the other books so much.  Nevertheless, I will try to do it anyway.  Summed up quickly, Percy and Annabeth have fallen into Tartarus (that’s where the demon cheerleaders came in, if you were wondering) and their demigod friends Nico, Hazel, Leo, Piper and Jason must save them.  Along the way, they find themselves facing ice goddesses, polecats, evil Cupid, an abundance of skeletons and a few too many crossroads.  All of those things make a simple boat journey a lot harder than it would have been for non-demigods.

That pretty much sums up why The House of Hades is my favorite book.  Unfortunately, the final book in the very long series – Blood of Olympus – comes out in October.  I’m really excited, but also kind of sad because I really don’t want it to end.  Anyway, it’s a really great book and you should firstly catch up on the rest of the series, then read it.  (Of course, the other books are fantastic too, but The House of Hades was just the latest one, so I figured it would be the best to out in.)

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My Favorite Band(s)!


You’re probably thinking – oh no.  Not another one of her super long and boring descriptions of why she likes this or why she hates that!  Well, sorry.  You thought right.  Over on Jasmine’s  blog, she had a post about how to get some cool writing topics.  So, I clicked the link, and it took me to this site.  It’s cool as heck and if you need some awesome writing ideas I’d check it out.  And so, to cut a quite short story even shorter, I’m writing about my favorite bands.  It said singer, but I don’t care.  Also, I can’t make decisions for the life of me, so I’m going to do several band/artists I like.

And so – favorite band number one – Area 11.  Just . . . aaaaaah.  So good.  I first heard of this band quite a while ago, like June or July 2013, and I thought, “yeah, they’re gonna be nerds singing about anime for sure”.  And that’s essentially what they are.  This group of nerds just happened to be associated with a even bigger group of nerds – The Yogscast – and that was essentially my reason for finding them and listening to their music.  (I mean, who doesn’t love singing nerds?)  And now, a good year or so later and after forcing them onto several of my friends (sorry guys), I know every single one of their songs by heart and there isn’t one I hate.  Except for that one I do hate, but I’ll still listen to it, because . . .  I don’t even know why I still listen to it.  It’s either because I’m a weak person who’s addicted to Area 11’s music, or because I really like the satisfaction of listening to their album in complete and exact order.  And I probably won’t admit it to anyone, but the singers’ former band, Ghost Cassette, have amazing music too and I love all their songs, but as I said before I won’t admit it.  Shh, you heard nothing.

My second favorite band – following Area 11 very closely – would be Panic! at the Disco.  Now, if you need me to prove my dedication, just know this; I never punctuate text messages.  Ever.  But I will always put that stupid ! in their name, no matter what.  You’re now most likely wondering why I like people no one ever seems to have heard of.  “Why can’t she like Five Seconds of Summer or One Direction like a normal girl!”  No.  I refuse to have your silly (very popular, but silly) groups of teenage boys singing songs about how they’re going to take a girl home.  (Yes, One Direction, that one was pointed at you.  How many times have you said you’re going to take a girl home?  Seven?  Eight?)  Not to mention, they also fit the description of ‘singing nerds’.  If you hadn’t noticed yet, I adore singing nerds.

Another band this time (gosh, all of them have been purely male too.  We need some girls soon to balance it out.), though unlike Area 11 I don’t know all their songs, I’ll admit that.  But every single song I do know, which is a pretty good portion of all their albums, I love.  This band, who is still completely unnamed, I found after I heard Glee sing one of their songs.  They didn’t ruin it too much either, but the original was obviously still a lot better.  That’s right, you (probably haven’t) guessed it; My Chemical Romance, yay!  Now, as I’ve said before, none of you will probably like them, let alone ever heard of them, and to be honest I don’t really care.  Neither do I care about your opinion on whether they’re a “real band” or if you think it’s not “real music” or whatever else you want to throw at them.  Seriously though, they’re brilliant.  (Psst, I know a heap of people who like Five Seconds of Summer and they like MCR too.  Just saying, all you 5SOS fans out there.)

Singular (and female – girl power!) artist this time, who isn’t a singing nerd, but a singing goddess.  That’s right, number three artist is Lana Del Rey.  If you’ve ever heard any of her songs on her Born To Die album you’ll probably know why I like her so much, and Diet Mountain Dew (strange name, am I right?) is probably one of my all-time favorite songs.  Not only is her music great to sing really loudly to, although maybe it’s just me on this, but gosh – her music makes me feel kind of like I could conquer the world with my left hand.  I don’t know, but her songs are cool anyway.  That’s really the only way to describe it, I’m afraid.  There isn’t much else to say except her songs are great and she is flawless.

Because I’m a super indecisive person, I also have another favorite female artist, which is Lady Gaga.  To me, she’s essentially a super awesome mix of Panic! at the Disco and Lana Del Rey, which is probably why I like her.  To be quite honest some of her songs (and most of her outfits) are pretty damn strange, but I really don’t care.  Like Lana, she’s a singing goddess, but like Panic! at the Disco some of her songs make no sense whatsoever, but they still make me want to have a dance party, starring myself and my headphones.  Especially every single song on one of her earlier albums, The Fame/The Fame Monster.  Just every single song.  All of them.  Not at the same time, though.  That’d be hard.  And some of them on her latest one, like Venus and all the other cool ones.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop already, although I probably could go on for quite a while more.  Maybe I’ll do a part two or something a little later on, because trust me – there is more.  And I know this was a painfully long post, but I’m very pleased with you if you’ve read this far.  I think you deserve a reward for putting up with me . . . just kidding!  I am your reward.

What are some of your favorite bands/artists/songs?  Do we have anything in common?  Well, probably not, but I can hope, can’t I?

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Three Songs/Books I Would Take To My Deserted (Private) Island!


So, I heard about this a while ago and had been meaning to write about it for ages now, but then I kind of forgot but – plot twist – here I am. Unfortunately, I get sick of songs really quickly, but hey – I’m going to put the ones I like here anyway. (Also, you say deserted, I say private. I mean, it couldn’t be that hard to turn a relatively small island into a summery paradise . . . right?)

First book: Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli. It said ‘books’ not ‘fanfictions’, and Stargirl is as close to a fanfiction as I’m going to get.  Warning – (as with most fanfictions) it’s really sad but maybe after I’ve read it seven times I’ll stop getting sad over those fictional characters?  Well, probably not, but I’ll get over it in like, twenty years time, or something.
Second book: Gone, by Michael Grant. I’ve done a report on this book before, explaining why it was so amazing, and I’ll probably never get sick of this.  I wish it said three book series, though . . .
Divergent, by Veronica Roth.  I love this book to pieces!  I do prefer it over the other books in the series, so I would take it over Insurgent or Allegiant.  Words cannot describe how fabulous this dystopian book is.

First song: Go!! Fighting Action Power, by Area 11.  First things first, while I’m crying over Stargirl this song with undoubtedly cheer me up.  Not mention, I’ll be stuck by myself in the middle of nowhere, so that means I can sing as loud as I want, right?  I think I’ll sing anyway.
Second song: Sing, by My Chemical Romance. Okay, don’t you dare start on me with this “My Chemical Romance isn’t a real band! They suck!” business, because I’ll have none of it. I love this song and I don’t care if you don’t. Also, while I’m building my mansion up I’ll need some inspiration, and that inspiration seems to come in the form of Gerard Way.
Third song: Homunculus, by Area 11. A true fact – proven by scientists – is that where ever Clementine goes she has to take an Area 11 song. This song just happened to be lying around, so I picked it up and put it in with the others. “She already had an Area 11 song!” I know. One does not simply have too many Area 11 songs.  Did I ever tell you I really like Area 11?  I do.

So, those are the three books and the three songs I would take to my deserted island!  Soon enough, though, my “deserted” island would be a private island.  And, on a totally unrelated note, how hard would it be to rig up some sort of licorice dispenser?  Not that hard, right?

What books/songs would you want to take to your own private island?  Because you sure ain’t coming on mine, if that’s what you were thinking.  You probably wouldn’t want any Area 11 songs . . . well, that doesn’t matter.  Anyways, thanks for reading!

How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food.


On this blog, ever since the appearance of the wonderful ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’, eating food seems to have become rather popular.  And now, in the third addition to how different life forms eat their food . . . Marvel characters.  You know, Thor, Deadpool (and, in my opinon, the best one) Groot.  Okay, so I won’t go on any longer – we all know I could – and here it is!  

Don’t Starve.


After reading that title, you’re probably super confused. ‘Is she giving us life advice? Why would she feel the need to state the obvious? Is this going to be about Bear Grylls or what?’ Well, okay, of course it’s life advice (duh), but it’s also a really great video game. ‘Oh my gosh, she must just play video games every second of her life!’ Uh, yeah. Pretty much.

All fun and games aside though, this game is seriously amazing (and quite frustrating, but also quite funny). The aim of the game is to, well, to not starve, but also to not go insane or become so badly injured you just can’t carry on anymore, but it isn’t really that dark. Essentially, you have to try to avoid the coldness of winter, the hungry wolves that will get you at one point or another, and- and you should probably try and not get chased by the angry remnants of a tree that you chopped down a while ago. (Don’t laugh, that happened to me once, and it didn’t end well.)

You start off playing as Wilson, a lovely gentleman scientist, who is the main protagonist of the game. (There are several other characters you can unlock further through the game, with each character having a different ability. Wilson doesn’t do anything that special, he just grows a magnificent beard over time, but Willow – the person who I usually play as – doesn’t go insane very easily, but she’s pretty weak, unfortunately.) After a while of exploring, you’ll probably find yourself equipped with basic items – food, wood, twigs, and flint. And after a while more (assuming you’re still alive, of course) you will undoubtedly be better and more skilled at the game.

Anyway, very long story short, the more you play, the more you’ll be more likely to survive. This game is great for anyone who wants a simple but at the same time very difficult game, with pretty graphics and doesn’t really mind a challenge. IF you asked me, I’d classify this game as somewhere between indie/strategy/simulation.

Cats. (Not the Broadway production. Sorry.)


We’ve had pugs before, and now we’re progressing to the wonderful species we call cats, kittens, or less commonly – felines.  The average cat is a strange, demanding animal with little respect for humans.
And they’re spectacular.
Who doesn’t love to have a moving lump of fluff wandering around their house begging for food constantly? How can you hate those little lumps? I don’t know, and I don’t intend on finding out either.

First of all, their feet look like beans. Their feet look like beans.  And they’re adorable, big or small.  They come in basically any color any human could ever want, and if you wanted a pink cat – well, there is a cat-safe hair chalk now.  I kid you not.  Not to mention, they make some seriously adorable noises that include but are not limited to: meow.  And did I tell you that their feet look like beans?

The average cats lives to twelve to fifteen years. That’s plenty of time to love and cherish your moving lump of fluff with bean-feet! And – believe it or not – a study of British pet owners found that people who owned cats tended to be smarter than dog owners. Also, cats help to relieve stress and anxiety (therefore being good for your heart health), AND have been found to help cope with the loss of a loved one.  And their feet look like beans. That’s a big one.

Okay, so now we know that cats are even more amazing and valuable than they were before. Honestly. The best.  Just the most fabulous little animals you ever would have had the grace to lay your eyes upon. And don’t start with that ‘dogs are better than cats’ nonsense.  I will be having none of it. As they say – men are temporary, cats are forever.

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